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Reflexology/Foot Massage: $30 & up


What is reflexology?

It is a non-invasive therapy using thumb and finger walking pressure techniques upon invisible maps reflected on the hands, ears and feet. The reflex response happens when nerve impulses travel along nerve pathways and back to the corresponding body region. Reflexology clears energy blockage and congestion along nerve pathways which can help reduce the build-up of daily stress, thereby helping the body to relax.

Some reported benefits of reflexology:

-- Balances bio-electric energy and bio-dynamics so the body can re-energize naturally or relax properly;

-- Reduces accumulation of chemical deposits around nerve endings so blockage and congestive build-ups, along nerve-pathways can be relieved from end to end;

-- Triggers the natural healing process which promotes and generates a better sense of well-being;

-- Stimulates circulation and helps restore body mobility.